Small Solar Cars for All!

We believe in affordable, convenient 100% renewable energy

transportation for all: NOW!

Not 10 or 20 years from now

And we are working to make this happen

Small Solar Cars are Possible Right Now: Our goal is to start making affordable, small solar cars available in the US and parts of Africa in 2023.

Did you know???

Four key facts that highlight why it is urgent to start making small solar cars widely available NOW!

Fact #1

Small Solar Cars (SSCs) are at least ten times more energy efficient Large Electric Vehicles like the Tesla.

Fact #2

Large Electric Vehicles (LEVs) spend more than 90% of their energy moving batteries and metal around. Very little energy is actually used for moving passengers!

Fact #3

LEV inefficiency creates high power requirements that make them 10 times more expensive than Small Solar Cars

Fact #4

Small Solar Cars can fill the affordability gap! Currently, more than 90% of households globally cannot afford Large EVs. Most people need much less expensive EVs. SSCs can meet this need.


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